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    BEE Consulting

    Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is a significant strategic issue and, opportunity across the spectrum of businesses and industries of all sizes operating in South Africa today. It affects most businesses operating in the South African landscape and therefore there is mounting pressure to comply with the requirements.


    We assist business entities in identifying and understanding their empowerment status, enabling them to make informed, calculated, strategic decisions. B-BBEE has a variety of  dimensions and facets – better known in B-BBEE parlance as elements; and is not limited to ownership and management considerations only. There are also a number of Sector Codes in operation.


    Essentially, the practical working of B-BBEE requires a business to ensure that it measures its B-BBEE status based on the Codes of Good Practice.

    All measured entities are compelled to comply with priority elements under the following conditions:

    • Qualifying SmallEnterprises to comply with at least two of the priority elements
    • Ownership is compulsory and either
    • Supplier Development or
    • Skills Development
    • Large entities to comply with all priority elements

    The thresholds for Exempted Micro Enterprises and Qualifying Small Enterprises are as follows:

    • Exempted Micro Enterprises: R10 million;
    • Qualifying Small Enterprises: R10 million – R50 million;
    • Large entities: R50 million and above.